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Computer Chips in Your Shoes and Marathon Running
Marathon running is a hotter sport for everyday people to take part in than ever. It's so popular that 12-year-olds run marathons these days; and it isn't hard to find kids like this, either. In the year 2008, there were nearly 400,000 marathon participants in the country who crossed the finish line; 2009 saw nearly half a million of them. This year, when registration opened for the Boston Marathon, they filled all of their slots in just a few hours. The marathon is changing in the way it appeals to the regular person too. In a time when people are tired of how difficult it seems  to get a job and to get paid, turning to marathon running as a way to vent all this stress is becoming a really meaningful option. A person starting with not being able to complete a full mile, and pushing himself so hard that he can in four months, complete 23 miles in competitive time, can really end up with something to be proud of. It's something that attracts a lot of people.

If you are starting out taking up marathon running for the first time, what kind of race should you sign up for? A lot of people try to aim for the major namebrand marathons. You don't always have to do that. Signing up for your hometown marathon, even if it isn't a famous one, can be just as rewarding. For one thing, you'll be the local boy (or girl) and you'll get a lot of cheering that'll probably make you feel pretty important. On top of that, restricting yourself to the less well-known races, you place yourself in a position where you get lots of personalized freebies that go with these events. The Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando for instance lets every participant have a racing vest with their name printed on it. The wineglass Marathon in upstate New York has all the participants a little tipsy in the end with their own bottles of local champagne.

Most participants in any marathon running contest truly get into the spirit of the activity. There are always people try to game any system though. In the Boston Marathon, a while ago, one runner went and did the unthinkable. She was the winner, finishing first; when after the festivities, the organizers took a closer look at her run, they found that she hadn't really run the whole distance at all. She rode the subway for a good part of the race. Make sure that this kind of thing doesn't ever happen again, organizers at any competitive marathon these days use all kinds of technology to keep an eye on everything. For instance, every participant in any marathon these days, is made to wear a computer-chip in a shoe that records the distance the participant actually runs.

One of the most rewarding parts to participating in a marathon today has to do with how much of a spectator sport it has become. They usually design the running circuit so that people can get to see a lot of action these days. People love coming to cheer their loved ones on and often, organizers try to put together concerts and other sideshows to keep everyone entertained as well.

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