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The Problem of Cramps during Marathon Running Training
If you are an endurance athlete and your marathon running training seems to need that special edge, researchers in body mechanics say that there is an amazing miracle performance booster out there that won't get you failing any drug tests. The miracle booster is the carbohydrate rinse. Athletes who need to really push themselves hard can get a dependable boost for rinsing their mouths out in sugar water or starchy water. If you are wondering how this works, read on.

There are sensing cells on your tongue that can tell when there are carbohydrates in what you put in your mouth. These are not the taste buds - these are just cells that can sense when there are carbohydrates in the mouth. Athletes know that they can drink Gatorade or some sugary drink and get a boost when they are low during marathon running training. But they are often also wary of doing this because when blood is diverted by the body to the stomach to try to absorb what's been put in, the muscles lose out, and there is cramping right away to deal with. Rinsing your mouth out with that same drink without actually swallowing can give you a great boost without the cramps.

Sports researchers have actually known about this for quite a while; they just never knew how exactly it worked. It baffled scientists for years why the body should act this way when carbohydrates clearly were not going to the stomach. When you put carbohydrates in your mouth, the brain right away believes that there is energy on its way, and so, feels good about releasing energy in the body.

Carbohydrates take time for the body to process and turn into energy.  sporting coaches involved in marathon running training always felt that carbohydrates should have no effect on short races. But then, they began to find studies that showed that cyclists show a 15% improvement in endurance and speed when they took in an artificially sweetened beverage that had carbohydrates in it.

This really puzzled sporting experts. The body can't really process carbohydrates very quickly. Why then was a carbohydrate drink pumping athletes up? One thing led to another, and they began to try out asking athletes to merely hold a carbohydrate solution in their mouths. And that was the turning point. It always led to great performance results just as well as it would have if they had swallowed the solution.

Now that they have a reliable line to take, they're finding that the same effect is replicated across all mammals in the lab. For marathon running training or a half marathon, rinsing your mouth on carbohydrate solution will do you some good. For a full marathon, drinking it will bring you much better results.

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