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Lighthouses of the Northeast

The New England area, consisting of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island is known for its gorgeous scenery and its charming towns. One of the most popular visitor attractions is the New England lighthouses. They are both picturesque and interesting from an historic point of view and tales of maritime heroism and tragedy surround them. Some of these lighthouses offer overnight accommodation.

The New London Harbor Lighthouse in Connecticut stands at the entrance of the harbor. The white, 89 foot tall structure is the oldest and the tallest in the state. It is not open to the public but visitors can get a great view from the water. The original was constructed in 1761 but was moved in 1801. An automated system was installed in 1912. The 1863 house, which was home to the keepers, is still there. Boon Island Lighthouse off the southern coast of Maine is the tallest New England lighthouse, standing at 133 feet. The granite tower was first built in 1811 and the present structure was commissioned in 1855. Automation was not introduced until 1980, with the installation of a solar powered beacon. This tower is not open to members of the public but can be seen by boat.

Boston Lighthouse on Little Brewsters Island in Massachusetts was first built in 1716. The present tower was first lit in 1783 and it was automated in 1998. It stands at 89 feet and is white with five steel bands. The original lens used was simple, tallow candles. Situated in the Outer Boston Harbor, this example of a New England Lighthouse is of historic significance, as it was the first to be built in the US. It is still the second-longest lighthouse in America to be operating and is a National Historic Landmark.  The original tower was blown up by British Forces in the American Revolution. Advance bookings can be made for a tour with a guide of the island and lighthouse.

The Isle of Shoals Lighthouse is off the coast of Portsmouth in New Hampshire. It was first constructed on White Island in 1821 and the current structure was constructed between 1864 and 1865. Local people in this part of the world like to tell of pirate adventures and some residents believe that there is buried treasure. This New England lighthouse is not open to the public but the Isle of Shoals Steamship Company organizes cruises to go out to the lighthouse. There are different kinds of cruises, including the Scenic Sunset Cruise and the Evening Dinner Cruise.

Here are a few pictures taken along the coast in the state of Maine early June, including three lighthouses. The last picture is of the lighthouse made famous in the movie Forrest Gump. One of the shots shows a bunch of Lobster pots stationed near the water. In talking with the local fishermen, we found that the best part of the season doesn’t start until late June when the water temperature increases. Although there were many pots already out, the take was low during this early portion of the season.

Maine Coastline

Port in Maine

Ferry to Big Local Island Near Rockport

Lighthouse in Rockland, Maine Harbor

Lobster Pot on Pier

Lighthouse Used in Forrest Gump Movie