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Heights – Get Used to Them and Enjoy

I am fairly normal with respect to my fear of heights. It was easier to get over this fear while younger, because I felt I was indestructible. All young males feel this way.

Even so, crawling up unprotected, exterior heights was always somewhat of a challenge. I needed to knock this fear down, so I started attempting to climb up the exterior of a friend’s 50′ high grain silo. It took a few days and several attempts, but I made it to the top at last. After that, each excursion was easier, but I was still uncomfortable.

The big breakthrough was climbing the neighborhood, 100 foot tall water tower. I made it up and down. The next day I climbed that grain silo and it felt like I was walking up the stairs of our house. I felt I graduated. My family and I made a trip to the Grand Canyon a few years ago, and I was fine.

That was years ago. Since, I have visited the Grand Canyon and was able to thoroughly enjoy it.

For your enjoyment, I have posted some pictures that I took of an extreme jungle gym below. If you can get around on this beast, you should not have any problems with regular heights.

I found this amazing. I had never seen something like this before. It looked like a Marine obstacle course, but was a course set up for fun. It must have been a real treat to play on it for kids and adults alike. Check out a couple pictures below without people on it. I am going to see if a local company that has a paintball center wants to upgrade their offerings to include something like this.

Extreme Jungle Gym

Another Angle of the Course